Concept Estimating for the Themed Construction Industry

One of the keys to reducing risk in any type of construction project is a top quality cost estimate.  When every dollar is important to your bottom line, it is crucial to know as early as possible the cost impact of your design.  At Cormier Cost Management, we specialize in Concept estimating—the most difficult and the most critical phase of the estimating process.  Working only with Concept sketches and feedback from your team, we can produce top quality Concept estimates at the very earliest stages of your project—before you have invested significant budget dollars on a design you cannot afford.  

Concept estimating is a very specialized field, one which should not and cannot be assigned to a typical estimator using standardized estimating software.  At Cormier Cost Management, we don’t use packaged estimating software.  All of our estimates are done on our proprietary spreadsheets customized for your individual project.  We use our own in-house cost database developed over many years and updated continually through our network of contacts in the construction industry. 
A quality estimate is more than just a number.  It is a scope document that helps focus attention on the risk areas of your project, reveals potential value engineering opportunities, and forms the basis for project scheduling, buyout, and delivery.  As your project progresses through Design Development and Construction Drawings, Cormier Cost Management can also provide updated, detailed estimates at every phase of your project, thereby eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming re-design.  By making Cormier Cost Management a key member of your core team from the earliest phases of the project, you help ensure that all your projects are delivered on time and on budget.